Harvard Review 8

Harvard Review 8

Harvard Review 8

Issue 8 features poetry by John Ashbery, Henri Cole, Paul Muldoon, and Robert Bly, fiction by Peter Ho Davies and Alyce Miller, and essays by Jan M. Ziolkowski and Robert Scanlan, plus a conversation between Robert Pinsky and Michael Mazur on Dante's Inferno.

Harvard Review 8 (print)


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Kathryn Liebowitz Excerpt from Ravished World: "Envoy from Off"
Alyce Miller "A Perfectly Good Wife"
Kathryn Roach "Second Thoughts"
Peter Ho Davies "The Silver Screen"


Ellen Davis "'Troubadours and Radios': Terza Rima and the Blues"
John Farrell "Postmodern Instances"
Ferdinand Protzman "Of Bells, Bellows, and the Call to a Community of Cultures"
Fazlur Rahman "My Brother the Imam: Metamorphosis of a Novelist"
Robert Scanlan "Burying War Dead" and "A Wake in the Fourth Row"
George Scialabba "A Muse of Politics"
Jan Ziolkowski "Raising Hell"
William Corbett "Scrapple from the Apple"


John Ashbery "Allotted Spree"
Dorothy Barresi "My Anger in 1934"
Marvin Bell "The Book of the Dead Man, #56"
Robert Bly "For Those Whom the Sea Takes"
Michael Casey "terminator"
Ann Cobb "Water"
Henri Cole "40 Days & 40 Nights" and "Apostasy"
Rodney G. Dennis "City Hospital: Carolyn and Theodora"
William Dickey "Archaeopteryx" and "Boxes"
Barry Goldensohn "Thelonius Monk Dancing"
Elizabeth T. Gray Jr. "Two Ghazals from the Diwan of Hafiz"
Hovaness Grigorian "Blockade of Armenia"
Jorge Guillen "Invasion"
Heather McHugh "Torpedoed Ark"
Sandra McPherson "Ocean Water Absorbs Red, Orange, and Yellow Light"
Eugenio Montale "News from Mount Amiata"
"From Wow and Flutter"
David Rivard "Good"
Steinum Sigurthardotter "Seas"
Dino Siotis "A Door Open"
Eleni Stecopoulos "The Rescue"
Larissa Szporluk "Allegro of the Earth"
Nguyen Quang Thieu "Sleeping In"
Chris Wallace-Crabbe "The Swirling"
Mimi White "Haareschneideraum: the Haircutting Room"
Dara Wier "Interview"
Joyce Wilson "The Burning Man"
Mehmet Yasin "Our Cat's Tale"
Augustin Zenakos "Draft for a Wake"
Homero Aridjis "Fragments and Commentaries I, II, III"
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