Harvard Review 6

Harvard Review 6

Harvard Review 6

Issue 6 features poetry by David Rivard, Robert Bly, Paul Valéry, Stéphane Mallarmé, Ruth Buchman, and Donald Hall, with fiction by Grace Dane Mazur and Marie Heaney, essays by Chard deNiord and Angela Bourke, as well as columns by Robert Scanlan and X.J. Kennedy.

Harvard Review 6 (print)


Robert Gardner "Island of Dogs"
Marie Heaney "The Reign of Bres"
Grace Dane Mazur "Raw Desire"
Nicholas Papandreou "My First Baptism"


Stanislaw Baranczak "The Unwelcome Modernist: The Paradox of Wallace Stevens's Reception in Poland"
David M. Bethea "Joseph Brodsky and the American Seashore Poem: Lowell, Mandelstam, and Cape Cod"
Angela Bourke "Over Nine Waves"
Clare Cavanagh "From the Republic of Conscience: Seamus Heaney and Eastern European Poetry"
Marcia Deihl "Letter from the Gender War Border Zone"
Chard deNiord "Where the Home in the Valley Meets the Damps Dirty Prison, The Poetry of Bruce Smith"
John Farrell "Postmodern Instances"
H. L. Hix "In-Scriptions/Ex-Positions"
Edward Stokes Johnson "Letter from Tokyo"
X. J. Kennedy "Outbound to Alewife"
Lucy McCauley "Letter from Las Vegas"
Dennis O'Driscoll "Letter from Dublin"
Edith Pearlman "Letter from Managua"
Henry Pickford "Letter from Berlin"
Cyrus R.K. Patell "Screen Memory"
David Rivard "Life in the Moments"
Prudence Steiner "Letter from the Acropolis"
Linda Zisquit "Letter from Jerusalem"


Gordon Massman "135"
Christopher Millis "Visual Field Exam"
John Frederick Nims "Celebrating a Birthday"
Robert Pinsky "Dante, Inferno XXVI: Ulysses"
Tony Quagliano "An Occasional Poem to Czelsaw Milosz"
David Rivard "Big Mood Swing"
Pedro Salinas "The Dispersed Woman"
Stephen Sandy "A Standing Egg"
Diann Blakeley Shoaf "High Tide"
Louis Simpson "Two Friends"
Marjorie Agosín "In Oaxaca"
Bruce Smith "War Baby, Breast Bone," "To the Executive Director of the Fallen World," and "Catullan"
Catherine Anderson "Wonderland"
Brian Swann "Once in Prague"
Homero Aridjis "Dawn" and "Trees"
Paul Valery "Helen"
Sarah Blake "Entrance"
Robert Bly "Robert Frost and His Enemies"
Lucie Brock-Broido "In the Attitude Desired for Exhibition"
Ruth Buchman "Beads"
Marcus Cafagna "Justice"
Cathleen Calbert "The Woman Who Loved Things"
Henri Cole "Eating Figs Under the White Rocks"
Eugenio de Andrade "Dunes"
Rodney G. Dennis "Psalmody"
K.E. Duffin "Generations"
David Gewanter "Shield"
Barbara Goldberg "In Your Absence"
Rachel Hadas "Skirts"
Donald Hall "The Corner"
Jonathan Hart "Lotus"
Tony Hoagland "Mission"
Edwin Honig "Arising at Mount San Angelo"
James Laughlin "La Vita Nuova"
Stephane Mallarme "Windows"
Fred Marchant "Tipping Point" and "The Afterlife on Squaw Peak"