Harvard Review 50

Harvard Review 50

Harvard Review 50, Fall 2016

Our 50th issue features stories by Claire Messud and Michael Cunningham; essays by Phillip Lopate and Kathryn Rhett; poetry by Alicia Ostriker and Robert Pinsky; and much more.

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Paulette Jiles Angels and Demons in the Ozarks
Michael Cunningham A Simple Story
Claire Messud The Nightlight
Peter Orner Do You Have Enough Light?
Stratis Haviaras, Memi Katsoni Shh...Shh...
Steven Carroll A Flaw in the Crystal
Lily King The Man at the Door
Neel Mukherjee Renu


Phillip Lopate A Mother's Tale
Jerald Walker The Designated Driver
André Aciman Underground
Elizabeth Graver Impossible Math
Kathryn Rhett La Belle Indifference


Alicia Ostriker Waiting for the Light
Kwame Dawes Quarter
Lisa Russ Spaar "Perseid Madrigal" and "Gradual Madrigal"
Rae Armantrout "Wrong" and "Old Tricks"
Brenda Hillman Curl of Hair in a Drawer
Gail Mazur At 4 a.m.
Fred Marchant In the Rapids
Nick Flynn See Through
Chris Abani Cremation
Robert Pinsky After "To Julia de Burgos" by Julia de Burgos
Fanny Howe The Shoes
David Lehman The End
Edward Hirsch In Memory of Mark Strand
Cyrus Cassells If Van Gogh Didn't Shoot Himself, Who Did Shoot Him?
Nam Le Birthday Poem


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