Harvard Review 5

Harvard Review 5

Harvard Review 5

Issue 5 features poetry by Tony Hoagland, A.R. Ammons, Yusef Komunyakaa, William Stafford, Annie Dillard, Denise Duhamel, and Floyd Skloot, essays by Robert Kiely and William Corbett, as well as fiction by Jhumpa Lahiri and J.M. Coetzee.

Harvard Review 5 (print)


John Batki "If"
J.M. Coetzee "The Dead Boy"
Jhumpa Lahiri "A Real Durwan"
Pamela Painter "Custody"


William Corbett "Cambridge"
Rodney G. Dennis "A Voice from the Library"
Stephen Dobyns "Ritsos and the Metaphysical Moment"
Robert Faggen "Loose Cannons"
Leigh Hafrey "On Communication"
Kandice Hauf "Letter from Beijing"
Rosemary Herbert "An Interview with Barbara Neely"
X. J. Kennedy "Outbound to Alewife"
Kevin Kiely "Samuel Beckett Harping: No Place to Go, No Place to Go"
Michael Magie "The Art of Falling"
Suzanne Matson "Disquieting Muses"
Dmitiri Mitropoulos "Letter from Hydra"
David Rivard "Empire Burlesque"
Robert Scanlan "A Wake in the Fourth Row"
Martin Max Schreiner "A Symphonic Journey Through Sonic Vistas: An Essay on my Symphony No. 1"
George Scialabba "A Muse of Politics"
Joel Wachman "Letter from Paris"
Chris Wallace-Crabbe "Letter from Melbourne"


K.E. Duffin "Harbor at Old Saybrook"
Nadya Aisenberg "Hunger Moon"
A. R. Ammons "Opinion's Pinions"
Kate Barnes "Imagining It"
Robin Becker "We Thought of Each Other as Food"
Marvin Bell "The Book of the Dead Man"
Bruce Bennett "Authorized Version" and "To a Formal Poet"
Suzanne Berger "The House of the Body"
S.E. Carlisle "Monk"
Naomi Feigelson Chase "Seascape with House and Stars"
Yiorgos Chouliaras "The Grapes"
Jon Davis "In the Sorry Part"
Denise Duhamel "The Consequences of Wife-Swapping With a Giant"
Stuart Friebert "Flatfish"
Jorge Guillen "Two Poems"
Tony Hoagland "The Invention of Feedback"
Marie Howe "The Promise"
Yusef Komunyakaa "Imhotep"
Karl Krolow "Two Poems"
Greg Kuzma "Rhyme"
Karen McCosker "Vathi"
Heather McHugh "Unguent"
Bobbie Su Nadal "Jazz Me, Baby"
Thomas Sayers "Tambourine"
Floyd Skloot "Rue"
William Stafford "Leaving the Island"
James Tate "A Glowworm, a Lemur, and Some Women"
Jeff Worley "Late Night Caller"
Linda Zisquit "Vertical"
Annie Dillard "A Visit to the Mayo Clinic"