Harvard Review 48

Harvard Review 48

Harvard Review 48

This issue features new fiction by Andrea Barrett; two essays by Brian Doyle; poems by Tony Hoagland, Cole Swensen, Danniel Schoonebeek, and Raúl Zurita; and art by Alison Rossiter and Richard Butler.

Harvard Review 48 (print)


Andrea Barrett "The Accident"
Catherine Carberry "Salvo for New Spain"
T. Y. Lee "My Name Is Manuel Vargas"
Suzanne Matson "Convention Center"


George Choundas "The Vengeances"
Brian Doyle "The Fourth of March"
Brian Doyle "A Sprawl of Brothers"
Katherine Hengel Frankowski "Blasphemy"
Walter M. Robinson "White Cloth Ribbons"
Patricia Vigderman "Out of the Shadows"
Roxana Von Kraus "Meridians of the Heart"


Dan Beachy-Quick "Apophatic"
Dan Beachy-Quick "Shepherd of—"
Christopher Buckley "Sky Circling Among Branches"
Victoria Chang "Barbie Chang’s Father Calls"
Aracelis Girmay from "The Black Maria"
Elizabeth T. Gray Jr. "Construction of Trench Systems: Explanation of Diagram #1"
Tony Hoagland "Four Beginnings for an Apocalyptic Novel of Manners"
Jill McDonough "Susan and the Mountains of Aristarchus"
Matt Morton "The Expedition"
Sherod Santos "I Went for a Walk in Winter"
Danniel Schoonebeek "No Key"
Lynne Sharon Schwartz "Renee Returned"
Eleanor Stanford "Long-billed Curlew (Numensius longistrosis)"
Cole Swensen "More pearl again:"
Cole Swensen "More pearl:"
Nancy Takacs "The Worrier: body"
Joshua Marie Wilkinson "The Easement [I'm the friend of night]"
Joshua Marie Wilkinson "The Easement [I think it's the locked doors]"
Raúl Zurita, Anna Deeny Morales from "Anteparadise: CI"
Raúl Zurita, Anna Deeny Morales from "Anteparadise: CII"
Raúl Zurita, Anna Deeny Morales from "Anteparadise: CIII"