Harvard Review 47

Harvard Review 47 Cover

Harvard Review 47

Fiction by Joan Wickersham, Johanna Berkman, and Kyle McCarthy; poetry by Gail Mazur, Ocean Vuong, Cornelius Eady, and Campbell McGrath; essays on Pet Grief, Spatial Practice, and the White House Blues; and paintings by Robert Rauschenberg.

Harvard Review 47 (print)


Johanna Berkman "Admission"
Martin Cloutier "Auntie Grandma"
Kyle McCarthy "Expect No More"
Sonja Vitow "Pillars of Hercules"
Joan Wickersham "The Program"


Theo Greenblatt "Spatial Practice in Grade Four"
David McGlynn "The Moth"
Kyoko Mori "Pet Grief"
Richard Sonnenmoser "Our Love Comes in Like Milk"
Daniel Torday "The White House Blues"


Paul Carroll "Mustard Sweater"
Cornelius Eady "The Death of Robert Johnson"
Martín Espada "The Shamrock"
Eugene Gloria "Nighthawks Oceania"
Gerard Malanga "Valerie Eliot"
Gail Mazur "Family Crucible"
Campbell McGrath "Gertrude Stein (1909)"
Campbell McGrath "Wittgenstein: Letter to Bertrand Russell (1919)"
Campbell McGrath "Zora Neale Hurston (1960)"
Charlotte Pence "How to Measure Distance"
Joyce Peseroff "August Landscape with Tractor, Logger, Daylilies"
Kristin Robertson "Haint Ceilings"
Anya Silver "Maid Maleen"
Anya Silver "Snow White"
Ralph Sneeden "Two Short Films of My Father"
Joanna Solfrian "Now That the Children Are Grown"
Ocean Vuong "To Junior, After a Middle School Fistfight"
David Wagoner "The Death of the Sky"
Charles Harper Webb "People Think That I'm a Gourmet Chef"
Jonathan Weinert "Katahdin"