Harvard Review 46

Harvard Review 46

Poems by Amy Hempel, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and David Lehman; Two Essays on Analysis; Otto Piene: Lichtballet, "In the Fish Archive": Two Views; and a Novella by Ann Pancake; Plus paintings by Jonathan Imber.

Harvard Review 46 (print)


Ann Pancake "In Such Light"
Debra Spark "Swiss Cottage"


Karen E. Bender "Two Entrances"
Jeffrey De Blois "Otto Piene (1928-2014)"
Hannah Hindley "Remembering That Life"
Judith Kitchen "Tenors"
Eli Mandel "Analysand"
Nandhini Sundaresan "Catch and Release"


Peter Balakian "Providence/Teheran '79"
Stanislaw Baranczak "The Starting Five"
Aliki Barnstone "Built-in"
Aliki Barnstone "Who Knew How Far"
Jill Bialosky "Daylight Savings"
Jill Bialosky "Prophesy"
Peg Boyers "Mrs. Casanova"
Alan Feldman "Alan in France"
Alan Feldman "Alan in Poland"
Rebecca Morgan Frank "Patriarch"
John Freeman "Bombshelter of the Oligarchs"
Erica Funkhouser "Skating Lessons, Larz Anderson Park"
Amy Hempel "Four Calls in the Last Half-Hour"
Ishion Hutchinson "Sibelius and Marley"
David Lehman "Capitalism"
Laren McClung "Orchids"
Laren McClung "Stone Horses"
Peter Morrison "Wherever You Go, There You Are"
Rowan Ricardo Phillips "Never Again Would Birds' Song Be the Same"
Robert Thomas "Marine Biology"


Jonathan Imber "Muscles and Crabs", "Bob's Ledge", "Sky Over Mt. Desert", "Twin Delphinium", "Three Peonies", and "July Scapes"
Otto Piene "Rauchbild (Smoke)", "Lichtballett (Light ballet)", "Sky Event—FAST Light", "Luftprojekt, Sky Event", and "More Sky'
Nikki Rosato "Tom: Jamaica, NY", "Untitled (Self Portrait)", "Couple: Pittsburgh, PA", and "Untitled (Connections"
Jake Muirhead "Artichoke", "Husk", "The Gift", and "Locks"
Mark Adams "Loligo Screen (details 1 & 2)" and "Squid Quad (detail)"
Adam Fuss "Invocation", "Untitled", "Home and the World", "Untitled", "Untitled", and Photo from the series "My Ghost"