Harvard Review 45

Harvard Review 45

Harvard Review 45

This issue features new fiction by Eileen Pollack and Suzanne Matson, poems by Cate Marvin, John Tranter, Orlando Ricardo Menes, and Jericho Brown, essays by Sven Birkerts, Lia Purpura, Mako Yoshikawa, and art by Doug and Mike Starn, Emily Eveleth, and Matthew Ritchie.
Harvard Review 45 (print)


A-dziko Simba Gegele "The Thing with Tornadoes"
Suzanne Matson "Your Best Yet"
Scott Nadelson "The Measure of a Man"
Eileen Pollack "Women's Tissues"


Sven Birkerts "My Parents Have Just Come Back"
Sven Birkerts "I Wake Early When I Travel"
Alex R. Jones "The Big Breakfast"
Lia Purpura "Metaphor Studies"
Mako Yoshikawa "Tokyo Monsoon"


Susan Barba "Fair Sun"
Joelle Biele "Tramp"
Jericho Brown "What the Holy Do"
Chard deNiord "Anchorite in Autumn"
Laurie Duggan "Allotment #93"
Laurie Duggan "Allotment #95"
Gwendolyn Jensen "Spare Parts"
Roxane Beth Johnson "In His Lover’s House, a Father Rises"
Roxane Beth Johnson "Who Knew Marriage Was Flavored with Pepper"
John Kinsella "Bellier & '28s'"
L. S. Klatt "Magnificat"
Mark Levine "Bear"
Cate Marvin "My First Husband Was My Last"
Edward Mayes "Well, It Does Matter That Cotton Mather"
Orlando Ricardo Menes "St. Lazarus the African Instructs Those Who Seek His Healing"
Orlando Ricardo Menes "Toussaint L’Ouverture Imprisoned at Fort de Joux"
David Moolten "Feral"
Sarah Rose Nordgren "Wallflower"
Emilia Phillips "The Showers"
Austin Segrest "Mr. Citizen"
Kathryn Starbuck "We Do Not Know"
Kathryn Starbuck "Where Is My Wife?"
John Tranter "Heroic Story"
Rex Wilder "Boomerangs"


Matthew Ritchie "The Four Forces (The Heavy Force)," "Parents and Children," "Line Shot," "The Fast Set," and "Fused"
Doug Starn, Mike Starn "Untitled #5," "Blot Out the Sun #6," "Blot Out the Sun #1," "Big Bambú – You Can’t, You Don’t, and You Won’t Stop," and "Big Bambú in Venice"
Emily Eveleth "Folded Hands," "8 Ball No. 3," "World Bank," "Snake Eyes," and "Untitled"
Karen Rosenkrantz "Flying Cow," "Flying Cowboys," and "Still Flying"
"Chord 16," "Chord 94," "Chord 65," "Chord 84," and "Chord 17"