Harvard Review 44

Harvard Review 44

Harvard Review 44

This issue features new fiction by Edith Pearlman, Marjorie Sandor, and Linda Bamber, essays by Kevin McGrath and Robert Anthony Siegel, found art by Ander Monson, and poetry by G. C. Waldrep, Timothy Donnelly, Tomaž Šalamun, and Stephen Dunn.

Harvard Review 44 (print)


Linda Bamber "Cleopatra and Antony"
Mimi Lipson "the_lettuce"
Edith Pearlman "Blessed Harry"
Todd James Pierce "Rock Man 1951"
Marjorie Sandor "DarkFruit.com"


Kevin McGrath "Walking to Windward"
Ander Monson "Bind in Everything"
Robert Anthony Siegel "Nothing That Wants to Run Away"


Raphael Allison "Dog Soldier Comes to Farm & Wilderness"
Jeanne Marie Beaumont "Folk Art Portraits of the 1700s"
Noah Blaustein "American Thrush: Search and Rescue"
Daniel Borzutzky "The Falling Bodies"
Timothy Donnelly "Traveler"
Stephen Dunn "Intrusions"
Annie Finch "Television"
Erin Glass "The Nanny"
Sean Hill "Still Life with Starlings and Man"
Henry Israeli "Swing"
Paul Kane "On a Mountaintop at Night"
Tony Magistrale "Hopper’s People"
Tomaž Šalamun, Michael Thomas Taren "Chilled Wittgenstein"
Ravi Shankar "Notes towards Timekeeping"
Peter Jay Shippy "And He Makes His Hand into a Soft Gun"
Peter Jay Shippy "Thunder Lizards"
Dariusz Sośnicki, Piotr Florczyk, Boris Dralyuk "Of Things and People"
G. C. Waldrep "Gospel Acre"
Jonathan Weinert "History"


Donald Baechler "Still Life", "Black Flower", "Pitcher Maze", "Five Finger Discount", "Many Rights, Many Wrongs", "Pocket Watch", and "River of Bridges"
Richard Diebenkorn "#26" from "41 Etchings Drypoints", "Untitled (Ranunculas and Cane Chair)", "Untitled (Seated Nude)", "Woman in a Window", "Head", "Woman in Hat and Gloves", "Untitled (Still Life, Table Top, Cane Chair)", and "Scissors and Lemon, II"
Courtney McClellan "Pill Box (detail)" and "Closed Book (detail"
Peik Larsen "Tree Trace", "Founder", "Shades", "Acetate", "Salamander", "Viburnum Brush", and "Tree Pixel"