Harvard Review 43

Harvard Review 43

Harvard Review 43

This issue features new fiction by Michelle de Kretser, Judith McCormack, and Adam Braver, as well as poetry by Carl Phillips, Harryette Mullen, Willis Barnstone, and Sharon Olds.

Harvard Review 43 (print)


Adam Braver "What the Women Do"
Michelle de Kretser "The Fictive Self"
Halina Duraj "Fatherland"
Patricia Engel "Aida"
Judith McCormack "Creation Stories"
Josephine Rowe "Raising the Wreck"


Anne Fadiman "The World's Most Southerly Periodical"
Vicky Grut "Into the Valley"
Sarah Stewart Johnson "O-Rings"
Angela Morales "One Small Step"


Ralph Angel "Dying"
Willis Barnstone "A Dark Sonnetman to Avoid"
Willis Barnstone "From This White Cycladic Island"
Scott Brennan "Companionship & Nourishment"
Kurt Brown "Great Historical Perspectives"
Jane Brox "Shadows"
Tom Chandler "She Listened"
Penelope Cray "Death Devours More Than Nadine"
Jim Daniels "Soft Side of the Moon"
James Grabill "Luminous Door"
Joanna Klink "Aubade"
Ben Mazer "The Alps"
Harryette Mullen "Selection from Tanka Diary"
Sharon Olds "Stanley Kunitz Ode"
Sharon Olds "Where She Is Now"
Benjamin Paloff "Humanism and Terror:: father"
Benjamin Paloff "Terrors and Experts:: sister who does not walk"
Carl Phillips "Delicately, Slow, the World Comes Back"
Jacquelyn Pope "This into That"
Jacquelyn Pope "Housebound"
Lisa Sewell "Letters to a Young Poet (1986)"
Terese Svoboda "Pietà"


John Rodzvilla "Growth, Untitled (Line 3)", "Growth, Untitled (Line 4)", "Growth, Untitled (Line 9)", "Growth, Untitled (Line 7)", and "Growth, Untitled (root)"
Anthony Fiala "The 'America' in Ice", "Members of the Expedition", "Expedition Dogs on the Ship", "Building a Light Sectional Boat in Camp", "Christmas Dinner at Camp Abruzzi", "A Halt in a Smooth Oasis of Ice", and "Traversing Monster Pressure Ridges of Ice"
K.E. Duffin "Eroding King", "Grief", "Shock and Awe", and "Guardian"