Harvard Review 42

Harvard Review 42

Harvard Review 42

Issue 42 features new fiction by Karen Bender and Pauls Toutonghi, poems by Charles Simic, Mark Jarman, and Nobel laureate Vicente Aleixandre, plus art by Richard Tuttle and Antoni Tàpies.

Harvard Review 42 (print)


Karen E. Bender "The Visit"
Marjorie Celona "The Everpresent Hell of Other People"
Mark Chiusano "To Live in the Present Moment Is a Miracle"
John Culbert "Rider"
Pauls Toutonghi "Evel Knievel Days"


Jason Mastaler "Shadow Walk"
Brian Schwartz "The Mezuzah"
Barbara Sjoholm "Remapping the Tourist Road"
Sophia Veltfort "Missing"


Vicente Aleixandre, Stephen Kessler "The Comet"
Vicente Aleixandre, Stephen Kessler "Last Moon"
Bruce Bond "The Bone Church of Sedlic"
Bruce Bond "Robitussin"
Jeremy Allan Hawkins "Photos of Cherry Blossoms"
Mark Jarman "Bad Girl Singing"
Mark Jarman "The Children's Zoo"
Mark Jarman "Milagro"
A. Van Jordan "Run, Lola, Run"
Frannie Lindsay "Adoration at the End of Time"
Carol Moldaw "At the Pond"
Honor Moore "Naked"
Honor Moore "Story"
Alison Prine "Naming the Waves"
Victoria Redel "Smoking Cigarettes with Brodsky"
Anne Shaw "Consumption"
Charles Simic "Black on Black"
Charles Simic "On the Brooklyn Bridge"
Charles Simic "Mexican Butterfly"
Charles Simic "Without Warning"
Artress Bethany White "Of Beer and Rattlesnakes on Sunday Morning"
Artress Bethany White "Geneva Could Have Walked to Switzerland"
Willis Barnstone "Little Children Dance in Paul Celan's Czernowitz"


Jeffrey Bishop "Cascade #14", "Untitled (Pours) #5", "Untitled 2000 #5", "Untitled-05 #15", and "Untitled-07 #16"
Tory Fair "Untitled", "Morning Coffee", "Daydream", and "In the Floor"
James Nares "That Mississippy River Painting", "Untitled", and "Heart for Candy"
Antoni Tàpies "White Book", "Jug", "Petit t", "The Ladder", "You", "Open Bed", "Fallen A", "White Skull", and "Memory"
Richard Tuttle "Two with Any To, #8", "Two with Any To, #1", "New Mexico, New York, E, #1," "New Mexico, New York, E, #3", "Letters (The Twenty-Six Series)", "Forms in Classicism (detail)", and "Forms in Classicism (detail)"