Harvard Review 40

Harvard Review 40

Harvard Review 40

Issue 40 features new fiction by Jennifer Haigh, essays by Floyd Skloot and Joelle Biele, photography by Daido Moriyama and Gerhard Richter, plus poems by Peter Campion, Fady Joudah, and Deborah Landau.
Harvard Review 40 (print)


Craig Curtis "Vae Victis"
Jennifer Haigh "Something Sweet"
Alexander Maksik "A Tobogganist"
Madeline McDonnell "The Man I Love"
Ben Roberts "Marans"
Rohan Wilson from "The Roving Party"


Joelle Biele "The Field"
Eric Calderwood "Study Abroad"
Deborah Milstein "By Any Other Name"
Floyd Skloot "Playing the Cock"
Daniel Torday "The Pit Bull Thought"


Meena Alexander "Experimental Geography"
Meena Alexander "Morning Ritual"
Sean Bishop "Terms of Service"
Malachi Black "A Memo to the Self-Possessed"
Sophie Cabot Black "Looking for Bataille"
Peter Campion "1986: The Court"
William Virgil Davis "An Old Story"
Amy Dryansky "Biography"
Patricia Fargnoli "Hunger"
Fady Joudah "The Security Level is Yellow"
Hasso Krull, Brandon Lussier "The Great Bull"
Deborah Landau from "Blue Dark"
Diane K. Martin "A Study in Chiaroscuro"
Sara Michas-Martin "Please Do Not Touch"
Martin Ott "Brain Bruise"
Richard Tillinghast "The Loneliness of Benedict XVI"
Bruce Willard "The After Life"


Tomoko Yoneda "Le Corbusier's Glasses", "Trotsky's Glasses", "Freud's Glasses", and "Tanizaki's Glasses"
Gerhard Richter "7.4.05", "19.1.89", "21.1.89", "14.9.98", "21.6.08", and "12.10.04"
Heddi Siebel Two Etchings from "Resurrection", Four Etchings from "Midnattsolen"
Daido Moriyama Photographs from "Farewell Photography"
Michael Sailstorfer "3 Ster mit Ausblick", "Raketenbaum", and "Wolken"
Qin Feng "Civilization Landscape Series", Two details from "Desire Landscape", Detail from "Civilization Landscape"