Harvard Review 4

Harvard Review 4

Harvard Review 4

Issue 4 contains poetry by Lucie Brock-Broido, Charles Simic, Denise Duhamel, Thomas Lux, and Mary Karr, essays by Seamus Heaney and Stanislaw Baranczak, with fiction by Edmund Keeley and Alfred Alcorn.

Harvard Review 4 (print)


Alfred Alcorn Excerpt from "The Log of the MOM"
Stephen Dobyns Excerpt from "The Restler's Cruel Study"
Edmund Keeley Excerpt from "School for Pagan Lovers"


Stanislaw Baranczak "To Tell it All: Czeslaw Milosz's 'Six Lectures in Verse'"
Manuela Bertone "Pandora's Box"
Sven Birkerts "The Flaneur"
William Corbett "Charles Olson's Funeral"
John Farrell "Postmodern Instances"
Norbert Fremont "The Red Beet"
Helen Fremont "Letter from Rome"
Seamus Heaney "On W.B Yeats's 'The Man and the Echo'"
H. L. Hix "In Scriptions/Ex-Positions"
Theodor Kallifatides "Language and Identity"
Suzanne Matson "Disquieting Muses"
Michael Milburn "On Criticism"
Kathryn Parsons "Cornering"
Cyrus R.K. Patell "Screen Memory"
Liam Rector "Reports from the Culture Wars"


Peter Dale Scott "Letter to Paul Alpers"
Michael Sifakis "dreams II"
Charles Simic "The Clocks of the Dead"
Bruce Smith "Summer in the Crumbling State"
Kim Sowol "Songs from The Riverbank"
Chris Wallace-Crabbe "Ode to Morpheus"
Anna Warrock "Heart, Hurt"
Oksana Zabuzhko "untitled"
Rachel Hadas "The Blessing"
Sue Standing "Event Horizon"
Renee Ashley "Arethusa, Deep"
Daniel Bosch "The Crucible"
Andre du Bouchet "ash shading into blue"
Sophia de Mello Breyner "Delphic (Pt. IV)"
Lucie Brock-Broido "Rome Beauty"
Julia Budenz "Equipoise"
Marcus Cafagna "Reading Sex"
Rodney G. Dennis "By the New York Public Library"
Denise Duhamel "Why, on a Bad Day, I can Relate to the Manatee"
Stuart Friebert "Funeral Pie"
Barbara Jordan "Menteth Glen"
Sarah Kafatou "Spring"
Mary Karr "Grace"
Katy Lederer "Near Silk Farm Road"
Thomas Lux "A Streak of Blood that Once was a Tiny Red Spider"
Fred Marchant "Fragments on the Last Night"
David Mason "The Rhythm of Work"
Suzanne Matson "Flagstaff"
David Mus "Andrew du Bouchet"
Alvaro Mutis "Abode" and "Three Images"
William Rice "Nature Lover"
Tony Sanders "Sunday Evening"