Harvard Review 39

Harvard Review 39

Harvard Review 39

Issue 39 features new translations by Primo Levi and Adam Zagajewski, drawings by William Kentridge and paintings by Ina Geissler, essays by Jerald Walker and Kathleen Spivack, along with poems by Gerard Malanga and Shara McCallum.
Harvard Review 39 (print)


D. Y. Béchard "The Boy and the Lioness"
Catherine Zobal Dent "Rise"
Brian Doyle "The Boyfriends Bus"
Jim Kelly "Night School Confidential"
John McManus "The Ninety-Fifth Percentile"
Ellen Wilbur "Depression"



Neil Shepard "Physician in the Dark"
Remica L. Bingham "Right Breast - Sent to the Tribe of Naphtali"
Peter Cooley "More Than Twice, More Than I Can Count"
Matt Donovan "Still Life with Burnt Lake"
John Hennessy "Hero in the Church of Unrest"
Cathy Park Hong "Sonnet"
Primo Levi, Harry Thomas, Marco Sonzogni "Avigliana"
Primo Levi, Harry Thomas, Marco Sonzogni "Pliny"
Gerard Malanga "Lewis Allen, 1922-2003"
Gerard Malanga "Capucine, 1933-1990"
Gerard Malanga "Maxime de la Falaise"
Corey Marks "The String"
Shara McCallum "A Grammar for War"
Leslie Adrienne Miller "Écorchés Redux"
Matt W. Miller "Club Icarus"
Katharine Rauk "A Story about the Sea"
Joshua Rivkin "Apples and Laments"
Broc Rossell "Summer Fires"
R. T. Smith "The Little Georgia Magnet"
Daniel Tobin "Every Night the Flowers Purse"
Adam Zagajewski, Clare Cavanagh "Improvisation"
Adam Zagajewski, Clare Cavanagh "Luxembourg Gardens"


Barbara Cohen "Stranger Series I" and "Stranger Series II"
Helen Gerritzen "Rubber Box and Astronomical Chart", "12602 V (gelatin cups)", and "Map and Funnel"
Ina Geissler "Light's Night 18", "Light's Night 14", "Flash 9 (Empfang)", "Flash 5", "Flash 3", "Flash 7", "Unterton 01", and "Unterton 08"
Joel Janowitz "Trastevere Café", "Before You Whispered", "Porch Chairs III", and "Café Table"
William Kentridge Extracts from "Everyone Their Own Projector"