Harvard Review 38

Harvard Review 38

Harvard Review 38

Issue 38 features new fiction by Gabriel Brownstein and Jess Row, a new translation of David Rompf by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, an essay by Robert Anthony Siegel, new poems by Laura Kasischke, Mary Jo Bang, Charles Simic, Michael S. Harper, and Stephen Burt, plus prints and sculpture by Louise Bourgeois and paintings by Jasper Johns. (Note: This issue is no longer available for sale.)
Harvard Review 38 (print)


Gabriel Brownstein "Occupations, Settlements, Territories"
Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, Edward Gauvin "The Styx"
David Francis "Once Removed"
Cyan James "Justin"
Jess Row "The Call of Blood"


Sue Allison "Dream Work"
Elisa Gonzalez "All the Words I Knew"
David Rompf "In the Brotherhood of Guns"
Robert Anthony Siegel "Sean"
Joe Wilkins "Northern Pike"


Mary Jo Bang "Silence Always Happens Suddenly"
Carl Adamshick "Harvard, Illinois"
Carl Adamshick "Shadowbox"
Mary Jo Bang "Everything Good That Is"
Catherine Bowman "What Is Ohio? Who Is Mr. Ellington"
Stephanie Burt "Self-Portrait as Muppet"
Rafael Campo "Advanced Placement"
Danielle Chapman "A Shape Within"
Robert Cording "Dandelions and Clover"
Tadeusz Dąbrowski, Antonia Lloyd-Jones "Ecce Homo"
Tadeusz Dąbrowski, Antonia Lloyd-Jones "Soirée"
Maggie Dietz "Pluto"
Michael S. Harper "1962: Veterans Day: UCLA Study" and "Regimen: Some Indiana (Hoosier Klan Reflections)"
Laura Kasischke "Abigor"
Leonard Kress "Eradicating the Rodent"
Sydney Lea "You Listen to Dexter Gordon"
Jill McDonough "Golden Gate Hank"
Stephanie Mendel "Sometimes Our Marriage Is Like This"
Benjamin Paloff "Seneca on the Lesson to Be Drawn from the Burning of Lyon"
Benjamin Paloff "Seneca on Suicide"
Charles Simic "The Future"
Charles Simic "The Starry Sky"
Charles Simic "Ventriloquist Convention"
Melissa Stein "Milk"
G. C. Waldrep "Parable of the Anorak in the Rain"
William Wenthe "In the Studio: 1949"


Adam Fowler "Untitled (4 layers)", "Untitled (55 layers)", and "Untitled (64 layers)"
Greg Colson "Heliocentric Model (Spalding Sun)", and "McAfee Coliseum (Fun Zone and Barbeque)"
Jasper Johns "Cicada", "Ale Cans", "Periscope (Hart Cranee)", "Savarin", "Land's End", "Tracing", "Device", "Tennyson", "Target with Four Faces", and "Study for 'In Memory of My Feelings'"
Otto Zitko "Untitled", "Installation at Cheim & Read", "Untitled", and "Installation at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg"
Louise Bourgeois "Untitled", "Girl with Hair", "Fugue (detail #11)", "Fugue (detail #2)", and "Untitled"
Gregory Johnston "Zen Gran Prix (Box II)" and "Quaderno Quadro II"