Harvard Review 37

Harvard Review 37

Harvard Review 37

Issue 37 features essays by Peter Silver, Patricia Vigderman, Phillip Lopate, and Amin Ahmad, video stills by Michal Rovner, watercolors by Ross Bleckner, poems by Yusef Komunyakaa, Harriet Levin, Tomaž Šalamun, and Les Murray, as well as stories by Alice Hoffman, George H. Rosen, Chris Leslie-Hynan and Fred McGavran.
Harvard Review 37 (print)


Alice Hoffman "The Year Without Summer"
Chris Leslie-Hynan "Pure Superior"
Fred McGavran "The Reincarnation of Horlach Spencer"
George H. Rosen "A Second Language"


Amin Ahmad "205 Lower Circular Road"
Phillip Lopate "Brooklyn the Unknowable"
Peter Silver "Unreliable Sources"
Patricia Vigderman "By the Pond"


Tomaž Šalamun "Where Is the Little Wall From"
Yusef Komunyakaa "A Visit to Inner Sanctum"
Jane Hirshfield "First Light Edging Cirrus"
Kim Addonizio "Sui"
Peter Balakian "Warhol/Electric Chair/’63"
Mark Belair "The Underside"
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram "Moon Illusion Eclogue"
Victoria Chang "Elegy as a Morning Walk"
Mark Conway "Scholar of the Sorrows"
Christina Davis "For the Dark and Blazing Truths"
David Hernandez "On Aggression"
Yusef Komunyakaa "The Hedonist"
Yusef Komunyakaa "Poppies"
Harriet Levin "Swimming in a Glass"
Gwyneth Lewis "Sunken Garden"
Clarence Major "Down and Up"
Richard Michelson "Dead Negro"
Les Murray "The Farm Terraces"
Gregory Pardlo "Ghosts in the Machine: Synergy and the Dialogic System"
Kiki Petrosino "Afro"
Susan Rich "Interview"
Tom Sleigh "Mingus Reborn as Mingus"
Tom Sleigh "Speech for a Fly"
Craig Morgan Teicher "Desire as Precipitate of Desiring"
Heather Treseler "Diagnosis"


Nellie King Solomon "Niagara (detail)", "Niagara (detail)", and "Geyser"
Roland Flexner "SN10: Untitled", "SN5: Untitled", "SN91: Untitled", and "SN37: Untitled"
Richard Snyder "One Warm Saturday #110" and "One Warm Saturday #106"
David Goldes "Mesh Objects (Typewriter and Box)"
Xiaoze Xie "Los Angeles Public Library (Atlas of Jerusalem)" and "Los Angeles Public Library (A Revival of the Orient)"
Michal Rovner "Glass (detail)", "Data Zone, Culture Tables (details)", and "Script (detail)"