Harvard Review 35

Harvard Review 35

Harvard Review 35

Issue 35 features a special feature on New Zealand including work by Vincent O'Sullivan, Emma Neale, and Patricia Grace, nonfiction by Suzanne Berne, poems by Erica Dawson and Nick Flynn, with silhouettes by Kara Walker and a daguerreotype by Chuck Close.
Harvard Review 35 (print)


Charles Conley "The Final Cold"
Barbara Ewing "The Bestseller of Beau Diamond"
Patricia Grace "Pa Wars"
Paula Morris "Mon Desir"
Vincent O'Sullivan "Getting It Right"


Ian Conrich "Special Feature: New Zealand"
Suzanne Berne "The Box in the Attic"


Sally Ball "Sky Islands"
Jill Bialosky "An Essay in Two Voices"
Jill Bialosky "Rules of Contact"
Erica Dawson "Mean Ol' Wind Died Down"
Erica Dawson "MoJo Like a MoFo"
Erica Dawson "Rock Me, Mama"
Nick Flynn "Water"
Adrie Kusserow "From Heaven, Mother Theresa Looks Down on Daya Dan"
Timothy Liu "The Accident"
Timothy Liu "Romance"
Tony Magistrale "Perfection Undone by Love"
Tony Magistrale "A Valentine's Lament"
Campbell McGrath "John Ashbery"
Campbell McGrath "Louise Glück"
Wendy Mnookin "My Sister, My Childhood Ally"
Emma Neale "Farewell Do"
Emma Neale "This Too Will Pass"
Emma Neale "The Last Yoga Class"
Patrick Rosal "Undrowning"
Anis Shivani "After the End of Books"
Anis Shivani "Elegy for the Bill of Rights"
Elizabeth Smither "Practicing Scales"
C. K. Stead "In That Moment…"
C. K. Stead "Speaking in Bronze"
Robert Sullivan Excerpt from "Cassino Città Martire"
Ian Wedde "Film Treatment"
Kevin Young "Deep Six Blues"
Kevin Young "I Hope It Rains at My Funeral"