Harvard Review 33

Harvard Review 33

Harvard Review 33

Issue 33 features essays by Richard Goodman, Eric LeMay, Nina de Gramont, and Michael Knight, poems by Denise Duhamel, Major Jackson, John Kinsella, and Sydney Lea, images by Christopher Wool, in addition to fiction by Dan Pope, Anna Solomon, and Paul Harding.
Harvard Review 33 (print)


Jason Lewis "Rodolfo and Nélida"
Paul Harding "Miss Hale"
Dan Pope "American Ska"
Sybil Smith "Hound of Heaven"
Anna Solomon "These Wildernesses"


Nina de Gramont "Water Children"
Richard Goodman "The Man in White"
Michael Knight "Swimming the Backstroke or Writing What We Don’t Know"
Eric LeMay "Star-Crossed Something-or-Others"


Iain Britton "The Reproductive Properties of Constellations"
Denise Duhamel "Baby Onion"
Jessica Greenbaum "The First Youngest Men"
Major Jackson "Aubade"
Major Jackson "Mondes en Collision"
Major Jackson "Picketing"
Major Jackson "White Power"
George Kalogeris "Fragment 58"
George Kalogeris "Saturday Night in the Village"
Ilya Kaminsky "Deaf Republic"
John Kinsella "Canto of Arcadia (Saturn, 21)"
John Kinsella "Canto of the Examination (24: Eighth Sphere)"
John Kinsella "Rapture: Pinnacles (Jupiter)"
Sydney Lea "Men without Women"
John Mateer "Translators Are Angels"
John Matthias "Islands, Inlands"
Keith Newton "The Theater"
Laurie Rosenblatt "When I'm Gone"
Philip Schultz "The Traffic"
Jonathan Weinert "Breakfast with Champion"
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde "spurious and sacrificial"