Harvard Review 31

Harvard Review 31

Harvard Review 31

Issue 31 features a new translation of Ludwig Börne by Leland de la Durantaye, new stories by Alice Hoffman, Elizabeth Smither, essays by Lydia Davis and Tony Horwitz, poems by Marilyn Chin, Brendan Galvin, William Logan, and Robert Wrigley, plus a lithography portfolio by Terry Winters.
Harvard Review 31 (print)


Alan Heathcock "The Staying Freight"
Alice Hoffman "All That I Am and Ever Will Be"
Anthony Kurland "South of South"
Luther Magnussen "Interesting Facts about the Austrian Glass Trade"
Roberta Murphy "Boyfriend of the World"
Elizabeth Smither "The Girl Who Proposed"


Lydia Davis "Meeting Abraham Lincoln"
Ludwig Börne, Leland de la Durantaye "How to Become an Original Writer in Three Days"
Leland de la Durantaye "'The Art of Ignorance': An Afterword to Ludwig Börne"
Tony Horwitz "The History Beat"
Sam Pickering "Shadows"
Patricia Vigderman "In the Archives"


Pura López Colomé, Forrest Gander "Niagara's Snowy Cascades"
Stephen Sturgeon "Rose of Sharon" and "Untitled"
Tedi López Mills, Michelle Young-Mee Rhee "Reading Virgil"
William Logan "The Field"
Allison Seay "Late Apology"
Brendan Galvin "Advice to Blow-ins"
Bronwen Densmore "Johnny Cash in the Afterlife"
Carmen Bugan "The Names of Things," "Acciecati dalla meraviglia," and "This Moldavian Pastoral"
Ivan Blatný, Veronika Tuckerová, Anna Moschovakis "Love" and "Misspelled"
Stephanie Burt "Tarmac with Soundtrack"
Marilyn Chin "After Enlightenment, There is Yam Gruel"
Rachel Conrad "A most paradoxical mixture of sound and silence pervades the shady parts of the wood"
Tom Daley "My Mother on Moving Day"
Harris Gardner "Che Sera May Be"
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson "Oona's Left"
Daniel Hall "Under Sleep"
Todd Hearon "In the Garden"
John Hennessy "Gateway, Batangas"
John Hennessy "Scared Straight/club mix"
Kimberly Johnson "On Divination by Birds"
Jeffrey Levine "On Finding One's Book 'With Gift Inscription' on eBay"
Jeffrey Levine "The Pushkar Camel Fair"
Chad Parmenter "A Villanelle to Burn"
Mike Perrow "Victrola"
Stephen Sandy "Names for Birds"
Emily Scudder "Too Many"
Janet Sylvester "Marionette Lines"
Sarah White "Companion"
Robert Wrigley "The Bird's Mouth"