Harvard Review 27

Harvard Review 27

Harvard Review 27

Issue 27 features work by Kenneth Burke, essays by André Aciman and Honor Moore, short stories by K. E. Duffin and Linda Bamber, woodcuts by Frans Masereel, drawings by David Smith, as well as poems by Mark Yakich, Joanna Klink, and Philip Nikolayev.
Harvard Review 27 (print)


Linda Bamber "Together/Not Together"
Linda Bamber "Sunnyside Up"
Anthony Varallo "Yearbook"
Muriel Moulton "Canary in the Coal Mine"
Tim Winton "Cockleshell"
Rishi P. Reddi "Justice Shiva Ram Murthy"
Birgit Larsson "Red"


André Aciman "Remanence"
K.E. Duffin "Spines," "Pool," "Death of a Paper Wasp," and "Island Fort"
Honor Moore "Amy Lowell"
Lasse Antonsen "Frans Masereel: Passionate Journey"


William Doreski "Ascension Day"
Richard Tillinghast "Gunpowder"
Amy Scattergood "My Servant Ananias"
Philip Nikolayev "Nostalgia," "The Green Square," and "Good Enough"
Sue Standing "Two SLABS for Starbuck"
"Genre Fiction"
Jorie Graham "Impressionism"
Dan Stryk "Master Heron"
James Hoggard "Notes in Rimbaud's Diary"
Sarah White "The Sea Bird"
Mark Yakich "Blind Girl's Litany"
Rob Cook "Ice Horses"
Xue Di "Information" and "Once Again"
Richard Hoffman "Refrigerator"
Joanna Klink "Under the Aspect of Summer Storms"


Judith Larsen "Invisible Alphabet"
David Smith "Four Drawings"
Frans Masereel "Eight Woodcuts"

Book Review

Tim Peterson A BURNING INTERIOR by David Shapiro
Linda Burnett A FAKER'S DOZEN by Melvin Jules Bukiet
Richard Rand BUFFALO YOGA by Charles Wright
Kevin Bowen CA DAO VIETNAM by John Balaban
Kathleen Rooney CASCADE EXPERIMENT by Alice Fulton
William Doreski CROSSING THE EQUATOR by Nicholas Christopher
Maggie Dietz FACTS FOR VISITORS by Srikanth Reddy
Ellen Davis FIGMENT by Rebecca Wolff
Kevin Bowen LOVE AFTER WAR by Wayne Karlin
William Doreski NEW AND SELECTED POEMS 1974-2004 by Carl Dennis
David Blair PHOEBE 2002 by Jeffery Conway
Jonathan Weinert SAD LITTLE BREATHING MACHINE by Matthea Harvey
Garth Greenwell SHATTERED SONNETS by Olena Kalytiak Davis
Jacquelyn Ardam SHORT PEOPLE by Joshua Furst
Jacquelyn Pope SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY by Jane Mayhall
June Beisch THE ELOQUENT SHORT STORY by Lucy Rosenthal
Maureen McLane THE FACE by David St. John
Kathleen Rooney THE LOVERS OF ALGERIA by Anouar Benmalek
Taylor Stoehr THE POEM BEHIND THE POEM by Frank Stewart
Christopher Winks THE POETRY OF PABLO NERUDA by Pablo Neruda
Andrew DuBois THE VIENNA PARADOX by Marjorie Perloff
Michael Shinagel THREE PHILOSOPHICAL FILMMAKERS by Irving Singer