Harvard Review 24

Harvard Review 24

Harvard Review 24

Issue 24 features essays by Dubravka Ugresik, Christopher Lydon, and David Slavitt, a play by Owen Doyle, graphics by Ellen Driscoll and Jane Masters, as well as poems by Peter Porter, Eric Pankey, Carol Frost, and Judith Hall.
Harvard Review 24 (print)


Sue Allison "On a Shoestring"
Robert Boyers "An Excitable Woman"
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara "The Last American Monkey"


Kyoko Mori "Yarn"
Dubravka Ugresic Three from "Thank You for Not Reading"
Christopher Lydon "Parachute Radio in Jamaica"
Susan Rubin Suleiman "A Postcard to Zicz"
Judith Azrael Excerpt from "House in the Olive Grove"
David R. Slavitt "Thomas McAfee"
David Rompf "Blood, Time"
Patricia Vigderman "What It's Like in Ohio"


Jacquelyn Pope "Dwelling" and "Watermark"
Cal Bedient "Leonardo's Bicycle"
"The Cutting Board"
Peter Porter "A Strange Resolution"
Peter Porter "Mutiny of the Bountiful"
Michael Robins "My Life as a Preened Tuxedo Jacket"
Judith Hall "Song"
Greg Delanty "The Expected"
Ed Cates "The Story"
Eric Pankey "Word Problems"
Seth Abramson "Switchmen On Holiday"
June Beisch "The Great Bird Books"
Miriam Levine "Through the Weeds"
Jean Esteve "Sly-boots"


Don MacDonald "Machiavelli"
Jane Masters "Drawings"
Ellen Driscoll "Untitled"

Book Review

William Doreski A SHORT HISTORY OF THE SHADOW by Charles Wright
Veronika Tuckerov√° AMERIKA by Franz Kafka
Kathleen Rooney CENTURY OF THE DEATH OF THE ROSE by Jorge Carrera Andrade
Kevin McGrath DISAFFECTIONS by Cesare Pavese
Ellen Davis EARLY MORNING by Kim Stafford
Ron Suleski EVERLASTING EMPIRE by Yi In-hwa
Jonathan Liebson HOW TO BE ALONE by Jonathan Franzen
William Doreski MOY SAND AND GRAVEL by Paul Muldoon
Christopher Winks NO SHELTER by Pura Lopez-Colome
Joshua Adams SELECTED POEMS by Denise Levertov
Benjamin Paloff STEAL AWAY by C.D. Wright
Benjamin Paloff SURFACE IMPRESSIONS by Stephen Sandy
Ellen Davis SWAN ELECTRIC by April Bernard
Graham Christian TELL ME: 30 STORIES by Mary Robinson
Ellen Davis THE BURNING GLASS by Diana Der Hovanessian
Andrew DuBois THE HUMAN COUNTRY by Harry Mathews
Michael Shinagel THE LANGUAGE OF WAR by James Dawes
Andrew DuBois THE VEHEMENT PASSIONS by Philip Fisher
Elizabeth T. Gray Jr. THE VINTAGE BOOK OF WAR FICTION by Sebastian Faulks
Todd Hearon UNION by Don Share
Floyd Skloot WHAT IS A BOOK? by David Kirby
Paul Harding WHERE EUROPE BEGINS by Yoko Tawada