Harvard Review 22

Harvard Review 22

Harvard Review 22

Issue 22 features a special section on the poetry of John Ashbery, essays by Stephen Greenblatt, John Updike, Lisa Birk, Bernard Cohen, Svetlana Boym, and André Aciman, plays by Shel Silverstein, portraits by Ellsworth Kelly, poems by Lyn Hejinian, Constance Merritt, and Deborah Tall, in addition to fiction by Steve Almond and Jess Row.
Harvard Review 22 (print)


Elise R. Juska "Somewhere Else, Maine"
Jess Row "Heaven Lake"
Alan Heathcock "Our Summarative History of Quixotica"
Paul Harding "Walter, Charmed"
Steve Almond "The President Returns"


Helen Vendler "Ashbery's Aesthetic"
John Updike "Hyman Bloom"
André Aciman "Lavender"
Andrew DuBois "John Ashbery's Harvard Education"
Stephen Greenblatt "George Steiner"
Svetlana Boym "My Grandmother's First Love"
Mark Ford "My Position Now"
Lisa Waring Birk "On Leaving"
Bernard Cohen "Taipei, Expectant"
Anne Ferry "'Thing' and 'Things' in Ashbery's Poems"


Chris Wallace-Crabbe "A Summons in the Peak Period"
Christina Pugh "Apostrophe"
John Ashbery "This Deuced Cleverness," "All That Now," and "Unpolished Segment"
Srikanth Reddy "Monsoon Eclogue"
Rodney G. Dennis "A Limited Order"
Kevin Gallagher "Tiantan Gongyuan"
Todd Hearon "The Death of Shelley"
Bei Ling "Soliloquy"
Deborah Tall "Echo Factor"
Joseph Featherstone "Ezekiel"
Constance Merritt Excerpt from "Among Shades: A Fragment"
Lucien Stryk "Help!"
Rita Gabis "St. Luke's Garden"
Ryan Van Cleave "Tattoo of Clouds"
Lyn Hejinian "The Fatalist"
Stephanie Strickland "WaveSon.nets 28, 29, 30"
Violetta Kirkorian "Looking for a Husband"
Stratis Pascalis "Morning Aura" and "First Rain"


Ellsworth Kelly "Eight Portraits, 1948-1950"
Harry Cooper "Ellsworth Kelly"

Book Review

Chris Wallace-Crabbe ELECTRIC LIGHT by Seamus Heaney
Martha Collins FELT: POEMS by Alice Fulton
Graham Christian FOX: POEMS 1998-2000 by Adrienne Rich
Jacquelyn Pope HALLS OF FAME by John D'Agata
Stephen Dobyns I'M SPEAKING: SELECTED POEMS by Rafael Guillen
Gabriel Welsch IF IN TIME by Ann Lauterbach
Stephen Dobyns JAM by Joe-Anne McLaughlin
William Corbett John Ashbery: Three Reviews
Kevin McGrath JOURNEY INTO THE MIND'S EYE by Lesley Blanch
Stephen Dobyns LABMARKS by Bill Knott
William Doreski LIGHTER THAN AIR by Magnus Enzensberger
Michael Shinagel MAKING HARVARD MODERN by Morton and Phyllis Keller
Chuck Leddy NATIVITY POEMS by Joseph Brodsky
William Doreski NIGHT PICNIC by Charles Simic
Kevin Gallagher POEMS SEVEN by Alan Dugan
Lester Lee RICHARD WRIGHT by Hazel Rowley
Andrea Hollander Budy SMALL GODS OF GRIEF by Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Harry Thomas THE EPISTLES OF HORACE by David Ferry, trans.
Robert Schnall THE EVENING LIGHT by Floyd Skloot
Ellen Davis THE LONG MARRIAGE by Maxine Kumin
Kurt Brown THE TORMENTED MIRROR by Russell Edson
Graham Christian THE WORD PAVILION by Christopher Middleton