Harvard Review 2

Harvard Review 2

Harvard Review 2

Issue 2 contains poetry by Jorie Graham, A.R. Ammons, Wislawa Szymborska, Seamus Heaney, and Denise Duhamel, essays by Robert Fitzgerald and Allen Grossman, and fiction by Norman Rush and Ivan Mandy.

Harvard Review 2 (print)


Ivan Mandy "In Place of a Foreword" and "God"
Grace Dane Mazur "Silk"
Norman Rush Excerpt from "Equals"


John Farrell "Postmodern Instances"
Robert Fitzgerald "Gold and Gloom in Ezra Pound"
Norbert Fremont "The Chechens"
Helen Fremont "Letter from Lvov"
Allen Grossman "The Death of the Beloved Companion"
Rachel Hadas "Staring Past Whatever There Is"
Leigh Hafrey "On Communication"
Paul Hannigan "Grammarian at Large"
H. L. Hix "In-Scriptions/Ex-Positions"
Henry Hughes "Letter from Niigata"
X. J. Kennedy "Outbound to Alewife"
Harry Levin "Nabokov and Cervantes"
Michael Milburn "On Criticism"
Liam Rector "Reports from the Culture Wars"
David Rivard "Empire Burleqsue"
Robert Scanlan "A Wake in the Front Row"
George Scialabba "A Muse of Politics"
Prudence Steiner "Educated Men, Women, and Ghosts"
Manuela Bertone "Letter from Rome"
Sven Birkerts "The Flaneur"
Ales Debeljak "Letter from Ljubljana"
Rodney G. Dennis "A Voice from The Library"
Robert Faggen "Loose Cannons"


Gerald Burnsteel "Atlantic City Memoir"
Naomi Feigelson Chase "I Can Tell You Now"
William Corbett "O, July 1992"
Rodney G. Dennis "Gypsies"
William Doreski "Factory Work"
K.E. Duffin "Houses"
Denise Duhamel "Things I Could Never Tell My Mother"
Jorie Graham "Indeterminacy: A Quartet"
Steven Graves "Rains"
Donald Hall "Nunc est bibendum..."
Seamus Heaney "An Invocation"
Miguel Hernandez "The World Is As It Appears"
Fred Marchant "Song of the Stomach"
Michael Milburn "Loose Ends"
Geoffrey Movius "Morning Walk"
George Seferis "The Cats of St. Nicholas"
Diann Blakeley Shoaf "Vertigo"
Charles Simic "Shaving"
Michael Small "Camille Claudel"
Joseph Stanton "Ironwoods"
Wislawa Szymborska "A Byzantine Mosaic"
Jorge Tellier "So Long"
Gale Walden "The Falling of Objects"
"Another Look At 'Albion on the Rock': Plate 38 Of Blake's Milton"
Carolyne Wright "Another Look At 'Albion on the Rock': Plate 38 Of Blake's Milton"
Kathleen Aguero "A Visit to the Psychic At 41"
A. R. Ammons "Following Tragedy"
Tina Barr "Armless"
Yves Bonnefoy "De Natura Rerum"
Daniel Bosch "The Prodigal: At The Buffet"