Harvard Review 18

Harvard Review 18

Harvard Review 18

Issue 18 boasts poems by Seamus Heaney, John Ashbery, Mary Jo Bang, and Dean Young, plus new fiction by Sharon Wahl and Ann Cobb, essays by Robert Gardner and Stephen Dobyns, and a special feature on poet Michel Butor.

Harvard Review 18 (print)


Ann Cobb "Learning to Draw"
Sotiris Dimitriou Excerpt from "The Vein in her Neck"
Michel Fais "Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz"
John J. Healey Excerpt from "Some Took Brides"
Marta Maretich "The Bear Suit"
Ersi Sotiropoulou Excerpt from "Zigzagging through the Orange Trees"
Sharon Wahl "Low Tide"
Ellen Wilbur "The Critic"


Stephen Dobyns "Definitions"
Robert Gardner "The Hanging"
Eric Weinberger "City of the World"


Mimis Souliotis "Tableau Vivant"
Michael Tyrell "The Bridle"
Dean Young "Saga of Stumps"
Evgenios Aranitsis "100111"
Matthew Zapruder "The Waves"
John Ashbery "Cinema Verite"
Mary Jo Bang "That Was All, Louise Said, Except For"
Laure-Anne Bosselaar "Vase"
"Out of Nowhere"
Olena Kalytiak Davis "Dis-spelt"
Chard deNiord "Abelard in Ecstacy"
Stephen Dobyns "(Birdsong, sunsets)", "(For one it was the wish)", "(He knew it was foolish)", and "(Those brick walls)"
Tess Gallagher "Something Awe-Full About Art"
Frank X. Gaspar "It is the Nature of the Wing"
Ross Gay "The Marionette"
Celia Gilbert "Sleepless in Katmandu"
Donald Hall "The Frenzy"
Mark Halliday "Dennis Pravy Speaks"
Kyriakos Haralambides "Wood-Burning"
Seamus Heaney "Nights of '57" and "In the Afterlife"
Richard Jackson "New and Selected Posthumous Poems"
Alice Jones "Verbs"
Joseph Lease "Testify: Four Poems"
Miriam Levine "With You"
Christoforos Liontakis "Apprenticing Satellite"
Campbell McGrath "Of Pure Forms" and "North Carolina"
Hector Patriotis "From Theophilitos"
Donald Revell "Picnic"
Peter Richards "Building 23" and "Sullen Girl with Branch Speaking"
Kenneth Rosen "East of Bath"
Henry Shukman "Night Feed"
Louis Simpson "Variations on a Theme by Shostakovich"
Bruce Smith "Letter to My Daughter in the Form of a Song of Person and Time"

Book Review

Ellen Davis A HUNDRED WHITE DAFFODILS by Jane Kenyon
Kevin McGrath A PRISONER OF WAR'S STORY by Stratis Doukas
Michael Tyrell APPROXIMATELY NOWHERE by Michael Hofmann
Jennifer Bartlett DUSTY ANGEL by Michael Blumenthal
Stephen Dobyns ELEGY FOR THE SOUTHERN DRAWL by Rodney Jones
Philip Nikolayev GENRE by John Kinsella
Susan Hood GHOST QUARTET by Richard Burgin
Bernard E. Morris HORSES IN THE AIR by Jorge Guillen
Michael Tyrell JACKSTRAWS by Charles Simic
Chard deNiord LAST BLUE by Gerald Stern
Stephen Dobyns LIFELINES by Philip Booth
David Clippinger MY DOOMSDAY SAMPLER by Sue Owen
Graham Christian NAVIGATING THE DISTANCES by Bruce Bennett
Srikanth Reddy OF NO COUNTRY I KNOW by David Ferry
William Doreski ON BEAUTY AND BEING JUST by Elaine Scarry
Genevieve Abravanel PALLBEARS ENVYING THE ONE WHO RIDES by Stephen Dobyns
Philip Nikolayev POEMS: 1980-1994 by John Kinsella
Marcia Deihl READING ALCOHOLISMS by Jane Lilienfeld
William Doreski RELUCTANT GRAVITIES by Rosmarie Waldrop
Kurt Brown REPAIR by C.K. Williams
Stephen Dobyns SELECTED NON-FICTION by Jorge Luis Borges
William Doreski SET THIS BOOK ON FIRE! by Jimmy Santiago Baca
Victor Cruz SORROW by Claribel Alegria
Samuel Jay Keyser SUBURBAN LIGHT by William Doreski
Bernard E. Morris SWARM by Jodie Graham
William Doreski TEN TO ONE by Bob Pereleman
Dana Bonstrom THE BOOK BORROWER by Alice Mattison
Samuel Jay Keyser THE CARTOGRAPHER'S VACATION by Andrea Cohen
William Doreski THE DANISH NOTEBOOK by Michael Palmer
Dan Chiasson THE DREAMHOUSE by Tom Sleigh
David Clippinger THE DREAMHOUSE by Tom Sleigh
Srikanth Reddy THE ECLOGUES OF VIRGIL by David Ferry
Henry Pickford THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AESTHETICS by Michael Kelly
Helen Fremont THE LAW OF RETURN by Maxine Rodburg
Bernard E. Morris THE LIVES OF ANIMALS by J.M. Coetzee
Genevieve Abravanel THE MUSIC WE DANCE TO by Rebecca Seiferle
Benjamin Paloff THE ORESTEIA OF AESCHYLUS by Ted Hughes
Paul Bradley THE ROUTE AS BRIEFED by James Tate
Helen Fremont THE TRULY NEEDY by Lucy Honig
Jay Boggis THE WASTING GAME by Philip Gross
Mary Jo Bang THEN, SUDDENLY by Lynn Emanuel
Jennifer Bartlett THIS GREAT UNKNOWN by Denise O'Driscoll
Tam Lin Neville TO GET HERE by Wendy Mnookin
Jay Boggis TOTEM AND SHADOW by Paul Hoover
Philip Nikolayev VISITANTS by John Kinsella
Graham Christian WEATHER PERMITTING by Dennis O'Driscoll
Samuel Jay Keyser WHEREVER by Kevin Bezner
Jo-Ann Graziano WHISKEY NIPPLE by Douglass Frelke
Benjamin Paloff WOOROLOO by Frieda Hughes