Harvard Review 17

Harvard Review 17

Harvard Review 17

Issue 17 features interviews with John Ashbery and Yoko Tawada, fiction by Robert Boswell and Martin Andic, poems by Stuart Dybek, William Corbett, and Linda Gregg, as well as an essay on Seamus Heaney's "The Biretta."

Harvard Review 17 (print)


Sue Allison "You Come! You Eat! You Like It! You Come Back!"
Martin Andic "Summer Afternoon"
Robert Boswell "A Tongue in Every Wound"
Kenneth Cook "Orchestration"
Naomi Myrvaagnes "No Place For Me, My Love"


Rebecca Kaiser Gibson "Of Paradise"
Michael Londry "An Interview With John Ashbery"
Dennis O'Driscoll "'The Biretta': Heaney's Boater"
Robert Scanlan "'Settima Edizione' of The Pleasure of Tauromenium"
Monika Totten "Writing in Two Languages: A Conversation with Yoko Tawada"


Steve Orlen "That's Not Melodrama"
April Ossman "One"
Paul Bradley "An Animal"
Carl Phillips "Familiar"
Peter Richards "Nude Siren", "Castrovalva", "The Drawing Hisses"
Boyer Rickel "Locker Room Baptism"
Dorothy Barresi "Unkissing" and "Dante Extant, Born and Unborn"
Tomaž Šalamun "Palladium"
Claire Bateman "Death's Midwife Has the Smallest Hands!"
Peter Dale Scott "Minding the Darkness IV"
D. C. Berry "Barbie Tulip Pokers Out"
"Not Exactly the Kind of Poem You'd Read in the Japanese Edition of Tigerbeat Or An Elegy for the Body by Its Severed Head"
Margaret Blackstone "Early Spring Morning"
Barry Spacks "The Sandwich"
Laure-Anne Bosselaar "The Pleasure of Hating"
Joshua Weiner "Island"
Berthold Brecht "Pleasures"
Dara Wier "One Enchanted Everything"
Sue D. Burton "Let Us Consider Julia"
Scott Withiam "Two Old Horses"
Susan Conley "High Country Gospel"
William Corbett "Opening Day" and "Isle of Manhattan"
Christopher Davis "The Village Idiot as Stopped Buck"
Ales Debeljak "Newborne Ode" and "Invocation by a Small Bed"
Valerie Duff-Strautmann "Self-Portrait with Household Items"
Stuart Dybek "Christening"
Doug Flaherty "Stilt Man"
Linda Gregg "Finding the Way", "Why does this city still retain/its ancient rights over my thoughts and feelings?", and "Fiefdom"
Barbara Hamby "Shh"
Karri Lynn Harrison "Firecracker"
Brian Henry "Boil Vigorously"
Tony Hoagland "Thanksgiving Poem Two Weeks after Thanksgiving", and "Beachhouse"
Marsha Janson "Considering the Demise of Everything"
Fred Marchant "Seven Tongues of God"
Jill McDonough "Amorous conceit"
Jonathan Monroe "In the Land of Coconuts"
Tam Lin Neville "She Sets Her Clothes A-Flying"
Ronaldo V. Neville "song"
Karen Nystrom "Evening"
Dennis O'Driscoll "Pleasures"

Book Review

Michael Tyrell A CORNER OF THE VEIL by Laurence Cosse
David Clippinger AFTER THE OTHERS by Bruce Weigl
Chuck Leddy AN ARK OF SORTS by Celia Gilbert
David Clippinger ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE CIRCLE by Bruce Weigl
Douglas K. Currier BLACK BOX by Stephen Sandy
Brett Foster BOSTON VERMONT by William Corbett
Keith Gessen BOY IN THE WATER by Stephen Dobyns
Michael Tyrell DARK SUMMER by Molly Bendall
Timothy Liu ENTIRE DILEMMA by Michael Burkhard
Kevin McGrath EROTIKON by Yoryis Yatromanolakis
Benjamin Paloff FREDY NEPTUNE by Les Murray
Bernard E. Morris GIRLS ON THE RUN by John Ashbery
Samuel Jay Keyser HOW MANY MORE OF THEM ARE YOU? by Lisa Lubasch
Chuck Leddy HOW TO READ A POEM by Edward Hirsch
Mary Jo Bang INTERIOR WITH SUDDEN JOY by Brenda Shaughnessy
Michael Tyrell INTERPRETER OF MALADIES by Jhumpa Lahiri
Jennifer Bartlett INVENTIONS OF NECESSITY by Jonathan Greene
Chuck Leddy JOURNEY FRUIT by Kinereth Gensler
Michael Tyrell KINGDOM COME by Jim Simmerman
Dan Chiasson LOWELL'S SHIFTING COLORS by William Doreski
Stephen Dobyns NEW TIME by Leslie Scalapino
Ronald Charles Epstein OBLIVION by Donald Justice
Jennifer Bartlett OF MOMENT by Jonathan Greene
Genevieve Abravanel ONE HUNDRED AND ONE POEMS by Paul Verlaine
Kevin McGrath ORPHEUS AND COMPANY by Deborah DeNicola
William Corbett PIERCE ARROW by Susan Howe
Molly Bendall QUARRY by Joanna Rawson
Jay Boggis QUESTIONS ABOUT ANGELS by Billy Collins
Kevin McGrath RAVE by Olga Broumas
Sonia Ketchian REALIZING METAPHORS by David Bethea
Graham Christian RETURN OF THE PRODIGALS by Kurt Brown
Brett Foster ROAD ATLAS by Campbell McGrath
Graham Christian SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE FLYING DOG by Marcia Southwick
Stephen Dobyns SELECTED POEMS by Jorge Luis Borges
Brett Foster SELECTED POEMS by Michael Longley
Victor Cruz SOFIA by Joan Logghe
William Doreski THE ANCHORAGE by Mark Wunderlich
Bernard E. Morris THE ESSENTIAL BASHO by Sam Hamill
William Doreski THE HELLBOX by Greg Delanty
Helen Fremont THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT by Pamela Painter
Helen Fremont THE LONG RUN OF MYLES MAYBERRY by Alfred Alcorn
Genevieve Abravanel THE LONG VIEW by Charles O. Hartman
Chard deNiord THE MERCY by Philip Levine
Srikanth Reddy THE OVAL HOUR by Kathleen Peirce
Samuel Jay Keyser THE PAPER WASP by Teresa Cader
Jay Boggis THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER by Denise Duhamel
Heather White TRAPPINGS by Richard Howard
Susan Hood TRUE AT FIRST LIGHT by Ernest Hemingway
Srikanth Reddy TRY by Cole Swensen
John Hildebidle TWENTY QUESTIONS by J.D. McClatchy
Srikanth Reddy WAKE by Bin Ramke
Mary Di Lucia WHERE THE TIME GOES by R.D. Skillings
Brian Henry WHIRLING by Chris Wallace-Crab