Harvard Review 11

Harvard Review 11

Harvard Review 11

Issue 11 carries poetry by James Tate, Louis Simpson, and Mary Ruefle, fiction by Rebecca Boyd and Ivan Mandy, as well as essays by Julia Raiskin and Michael Milburn

Harvard Review 11 (print)


Kathryn Liebowitz "Ravished World"
Ivan Mandy "A Vestibule"
Grace Dane Mazur Excerpt from "Love in the Woods"
Jon Spayde "Stereopticon"
Rebecca Boyd "Cyclone"


Patricia Chute "Letter from St. Petersburg"
Stratis Haviaras "Letter from Cadenabbia"
Sarah Kafatou "Letter from Heidelberg"
Wesley McNair "The Triumph of Robert Francis"
Michael Milburn "Writer Without Words"
Tony Quagliano "Letter from Honolulu"
Julia Raiskin "The Body's Absence"
Lloyd Schwartz "Schnabel on Fresh Air"
Lark Cage "Letter from Hong Kong"


Chard deNiord "What the Animals Teach Us"
Rodney G. Dennis "A Table Under the Trees"
Stuart Dischell "In Cases Like These"
Odysseus Elytis Excerpt from "Villa Natacha"
Lynn Emanuel "Portrait of the Story as an Instruction Manual" and "inside gertrude stein"
Christine Garren "Love Poem"
August Kleinzahler "Gray Light in May"
Michael Kruger "Little German National Anthem" and "Whim"
Dionisio D. Martinez "The Prodigal Son Accidentally Kneels" and "While Learning to Crawl"
Dennis O'Driscoll "Pioneers"
Janice O'Leary "Ode to Your Belt" and "This is How We Learned"
Steve Orlen "Maintenance"
David Rivard "Guests of the Wedding" and "Bewitched Playground"
Mary Ruefle "Before and After" and "Perfect Reader"
Dennis Schmitz "Dumpster Diving"
Charles Simic "Window Dresser" and "Little Murderer"
Louis Simpson "The Poet: A Life"
John Skoyles "On a Porch"
Katherine Soniat "Ghost Laundry"
Marcia Southwick "Medusa, 1996"
James Tate "Of Two or Three Minds"
Karen Volkman "Heroic Roses"
Chris Wallace-Crabbe "The Autumn Knot"
Karen Whalley "The Calling"
Mark Wunderlich "Peonies"
Dean Young "Archeology"
Michael Collier "Time to Move"