Harvard Review 10

Harvard Review 10

Harvard Review 10

Issue 10, Homage to Seamus Heaney, features poems by Heaney, as well as brief reflections by Ted Hughes, Helen Vendler, Paul Muldoon, Lucie Brock-Broido, Czeslaw Milosz, Frank Bidart, and Sven Birkerts.

Harvard Review 10 (print)


Heather Cole "Sweet Summer Day"


Helen Vendler "Seamus Heaney's Invisibles"
Ellen Davis "Forms of Redress"
Jay Wickersham "Prompts"
Stuart Dischell "Second Sight: Heaney's 'Mud Vision'"
Joyce Wilson "Spring Semester"
William Doreski "Diggings"
Thomas Sayer Ellis "Seeing Seamus"
John Farrell "Seamus Heaney in His Critical Essays"
Thomas Flanagan "Evening Drive to Ballinamuck"
David Gewanter "Rascal, Racer, Makar"
Eamon Grennan "Passwords"
Dimitri Hadzi "Where in Hellas was Seamus Heaney"
Stratis Haviaras "Letter from the Kenney Center for the Performing Arts (Hand-Delivered)"
John Hildebidle "Glimpses of Heaney Astray"
Ted Hughes "Untitled"
X. J. Kennedy "Seamus Heaney and the Tinsmith's Scoop"
Kevin Kiely "Heaney at Harvard: A New Oral Tradition"
Fred Marchant "A Held Balance"
Askold Melnyczuk "Killing the Common Moth"
Michael Milburn "Singing School: Reflections on Heaney's Voice"
Czeslaw Milosz "On Heaney's Presence in Poland"
Dennis O'Driscoll "Letter from Dublin"
Joe Osterhaus "The Belling in the Glen"
David Perkins "Sounds of Seamus Heaney"
Robert Pinsky "Character and Art"
David Rivard "Reading Heaney in Basho's Phantom Hut"
Neil Rudenstine "The View from Massachusetts Hall"
Jonathan Aaron "Across Four Centuries: Jan Kochanowski's Laments"
Robert Scanlan "The Lie of the Land" and "Locus Amoenus"
Alfred Alcorn "Gaelic"
Lloyd Schwartz "Poetry and Politics: Seamus Heaney at UMass-Boston"
Homero Aridjis "Seamus Heaney and the Music of What Happens"
George Scialabba "The Inviolable Seamus"
Stanislaw Baranczak "The Honorary Pole"
Michael Shinagel "Seamus Heaney's 'Villanelle for an Anniversary'"
Frank Bidart "Like Hardy"
Charles Simic "The Night of the Libraries"
Sven Birkerts "The Force That Must Resist"
Tom Sleigh "To Credit Marvels"
Ann Cobb "Poet's Chair"
Richard Tillinghast "Seamus Heaney's Two Bailiwicks"
William Corbett "Two Snapshots of Seamus and a Footnote"
Jean Valentine "Sunflowers"
Steven Cramer "Pure Change: On Teaching Heaney's 'Clearances'"


Lucie Brock-Broido "On His Nobelity"
Odysseus Elytis, Susan Matthias "Twenty-four Hours For Always"
Seamus Heaney "The Fragment" and "Mycenae Lookout"
"A Telegram for Seamus Heaney"


Nicholas Reed "Drawings"
Ricardo Salazar "Photo"
Joe Wrinn "Photo"
Jim Block "Drawing"
Lucie Brock-Broido "Photo"
Barrie Cooke "Drawing"
K.E. Duffin "Etching"
Betty Ferber "Photo"
Dimitri Hadzi "Photo" and "Drawing"
Ralph Hamilton "Drawing"
Larry Herman "Photo"
Michael Mazur "Drawing"