Harvard Review 1

Harvard Review 1

Harvard Review 1

The first issue of Harvard Review features poetry by John Ashbery, X.J. Kennedy, Robert Creeley, Lucie Brock-Broido, Frank Bidart, and Mary Karr, as well as essays by Sven Birkerts and Robert Scanlan, with fiction by David Foster Wallace.

Harvard Review 1 (print)


Dana Burnell "From The World Need"
Helen Fremont "Shoes"
Mary Griffith Lynch "Back to the Farm"


David Rivard "Empire Burlesque"
Robert Scanlan "A Wake In The Front Row"
Prudence Steiner "Travelling Companions"
David Foster Wallace "How Don Gately Found God"
Alfred Alcorn "Harvardiana"
Stanislaw Baranczak "Saved in Translation... Well, Part Of It"
Carlos German Belli "Letter from Lima"
Charles Bernstein "The Book as Architecture"
Manuela Bertone "Pandora's Box"
Sven Birkerts "The Flaneur"
Sam Cornish "Pippin's Book Corner"
Rodney G. Dennis "A Voice From The Library"
Robert Faggen "Loose Cannons"
John Farrell "Postmodern Instances"
Leigh Hafrey "On Communication"
Paul Hannigan "Grammarian At Large"
Seamus Heaney "An Oxford Lecture"
H. L. Hix "In-Scriptions/Ex-Positions"
Miroslav Holub "Letter from Prague"
X. J. Kennedy "Outbound to Alewife"
Fred Marchant "Anima Mundi"
Michael Milburn "On Criticism"
Dennis O'Driscoll "Letter from Dublin"
Nicole Olier "Letter from Bordeaux"
Liam Rector "Reports From The Culture Wars"


James Tate "Happy As The Day Is Long"
Joyce Wilson "Spruce Down, Fifty Dollars"
Bruce Bennett "Learning from Experience"
William Alfred "For Jess B. Bessinger On His Retirement"
Carlos Drummond De Andrade "Friendly Song"
John Ashbery "Another Example"
Matija Beckovic, Charles Simic "If I Knew I'd Bear Myself Proudly"
Frank Bidart "Catullus: Excrucior"
Michael Blumenthal "A Poem For Catherine Ann Heaney"
Lucie Brock-Broido "Radiating Naivete"
Robert Creeley "Sky"
Stephen Dobyns "Santiago: Five Men In The Street"
Alan Dugan "Prothalamion Of Quantum Mechanics And Astrophysics"
Miriam Goodman "Dreaming of Sex in Atlanta"
Miroslav Holub, David Young, Dana Habova "The Good Kings Wenceslases"
Miroslav Holub "Pompeii"
Mary Karr "Bayou"
Konstantine Karyotakis, Rachel Hadas "How Young" and "Preveza"
Gail Mazur "The Acorn"
Czeslaw Milosz "A Polka Dot Dress"
Vasko Popa, Charles Simic "Big City Poem"
Arthur Rimbaud "Ophelia"
David Rivard "Self Portrait"
"Movable Feasts"